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Comparing Ownership Costs

April 4th, 2024 by

Comparing Ownership Costs: 2024 Volkswagen Taos vs. Competitors When considering purchasing a new vehicle, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the ownership cost over time. Beyond the initial sticker price, maintenance expenses can significantly impact your budget. Here, we delve into the ownership costs of the 2024 Volkswagen Taos and its direct competitors, shedding light…

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Finance Tips

February 14th, 2024 by

Volkswagen Financing and Leasing Guide: Key Information and Tips When it’s time to make a Volkswagen your own, understanding your financing and leasing options is as important as selecting the right model. This comprehensive guide provides essential information and valuable tips to help you navigate through Volkswagen’s financing and leasing pathways, making your journey to…

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Volkswagen Implementing NACS Electric Vehicle Charging

January 16th, 2024 by

What to Know About Volkswagen Implementing NACS Electric Vehicle Charging in 2025 In a significant development for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, Volkswagen is set to implement the North American Charging Standard (NACS) in its electric vehicles starting in 2025. This decision marks a pivotal shift in the EV charging landscape, promising to reshape how…

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Volkswagen EV features that stand out in winter

January 2nd, 2024 by

Everything That Makes Your Volkswagen ID.4 Stand Out in Winter Winter driving brings its unique challenges, but for owners of the Volkswagen ID.4, these colder months can be navigated with confidence and comfort. This article delves into the various aspects that make the ID.4 an outstanding choice for winter conditions, from its design and performance…

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Winter Tires

November 14th, 2023 by

Volkswagen Winter Guide: Gear Up for British Columbia’s Frosty Roads For Volkswagen drivers in British Columbia, the advent of winter demands certain preparations. The twisty mountainous roads, mixed with icy conditions, create a unique challenge, but with the right set of tires, you can ensure safety and compliance with regional regulations. Let’s dive into what…

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Maintenance tips for fuel economy

October 13th, 2023 by

Proper Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Volkswagen Remains as Fuel-Efficient as Possible Fuel efficiency is a crucial aspect of vehicle performance and ownership experience. Proper maintenance and care can significantly enhance the fuel efficiency of your Volkswagen, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Here are some essential tips to ensure that your Volkswagen…

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2024 Atlas Cross Sport

September 14th, 2023 by

5 Things to Know About the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Volkswagen has fully redesigned the 2024 Atlas Cross Sport, bringing an air of sophistication, refinement, and an impressive list of new features to the table. Not only is there a brand-new powertrain in place, but the sheer luxury and attention to detail embedded in…

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2024 Atlas Features

August 17th, 2023 by

In-Depth Look: The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas’s Luxurious Interior In the fiercely competitive automotive landscape, car manufacturers constantly strive to create vehicles that not only deliver outstanding performance and reliability but also offer an unmatched and luxurious driving experience. The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas is a shining example of this pursuit, where VW has gone above and…

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Volkswagen Break-In Periods Explained

July 13th, 2023 by

Are you a new Volkswagen owner wondering about the mysterious ‘break-in period’ you’ve heard so much about? This article aims to demystify the concept and guide you through this essential early stage of your vehicle’s life. Understanding What a Break-In Period Is The break-in period refers to the initial phase of a new vehicle’s life,…

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Electric Vehicle Rebates on the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 in British Columbia

June 19th, 2023 by

Electric vehicles are not only good for the environment but can be easy on the wallet as well, particularly with the various rebates and incentives offered to buyers. In British Columbia, buyers of the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 can take advantage of both provincial and federal rebate programs. Program Overview 1. BC Go Electric Incentive Program:…

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